The monthly payments for each squad are displayed on each squad's page. These fees include the  ASA and other membership fees which the club pays on members' behalf. Fees are set annually by the committee.

The following fees policy was agreed by the committee in June 2016.

  1. Fees reflect the quality swim experience we offer from pre-squad to competitive squads.
  2. The fee structure allows the club to be sustainable.
  3. Procedures
    1. The Fee structure is clearly communicated with parents as they join the club or as the swimmer moves to a different squad.
    2. Parents are asked to pay by standing order into the club's account on the 1st of each month.
    3. Payments by cheque/cash are strongly discouraged and must be paid on 1st of each month in advance, just like those paying by standing order.
    4. Parents who regularly (an average of at least once a week) coach swim sessions are eligible to receive a discount on their child's swim fees of £10.
    5. The club accepts swimmers for 'top up' sessions and fees are arranged accordingly in relation to the number of sessions the swimmer attends. This arrangement is subject to availability of places and is at the discretion of the Head Coach.
    6. Individual arrangements for fees may be made in exceptional circumstances that are agreed by at least three committee members (i.e. chair, treasurer, membership secretary or assistant treasurer).
    7. Families with 3 or more swimmers in the club will receive a 50% discount on the monthly fees of the lowest cost swimmer.
    8. The swimming fee is an annual fee split over 12 months; fees remain payable during any breaks. In particular they contain the annual ASA fee and so complete payment must be made to maintain a swimmer's membership of the ASA.
    9. Members leaving the club must give one month's clear notice that they intend to leave.
  4. Fees arrears
    1. Verbal and written requests will be made in the first instance to the parents (or via email).
    2. If payments are still not received within 30 days then notice of termination and a final request for payment will be given. The swimmer will not be permitted to continue swimming until the arrears are paid and the notice will communicate this.
    3. If no payment is forthcoming after a further 14 day period, the position will be offered to another swimmer and membership will be terminated.

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